Nomad Tango goes to Electrotango Festival in Buenos Aires

A group of intrepid tango explorers descend on the Mecca of Tango

A culturally rich approach to the visit, which included visits to the National Institute of Musicology, the Tigre Delta, a Boca Juniors soccer game and of course lots of tango!

Feb 6 - Feb 20

Pablo Aslan: The Afro Roots of Tango

Seldom told stories of the origins of tango

Via Zoom Webinar

Saturday, Feb 24

Three Conversations with Pablo Aslan

Three intimate conversations to plot the trajectory of tango, from its origins to the contempo and electrotango movement. 

Via Zoom Webinar

Saturday, Jan 20, Jan 27, and Feb 3

Tango goes to the Artwalk

Live music with Ruben Tedesco and his Electrotango Project La Barbara ET

Friday, Jan 19

Tango goes to the Library

We visited the UCSB Library - Special Collections to learn about the Edoard Pecourt Tango Collection. 

Sponsored by Nomad Tango

Friday, Jan 12


Lead and Follow

Monday Practica hosts Fernanda Ghi for a Follower's Technique Workshop

While Magnetica takes on the Leaders: Leaders' Class with Chris

Everybody meets at the Pressroom afterwards for drinks

Monday, Dec 11

Nomad Tango Presents Destination Tango: Fernanda Ghi

A fun-filled weekend to go deep into technique, history, and myth of tango in the company of old and new friends. 

Friday Dec 8 - Sunday Dec 10

Tango gets its feet dirty! 

Collaboration with State Street Ballet, LCCCA, and the Grace Fisher Foundation

November 17, 2023

Monday Practica - Special Guest: Tango DJ Kate TangoGalaxy from SF

Special guest at Monday Practica

October 16, 2023

The Language of Thieves

A presentation by Alejandra Folguera at Monday Practica

October 9, 2023

Tango Night at Malbec

With Camila Lima, Ruy Folguera, Guillermo Blando, and Lynn Ho

At Malbec Argentinean Cuisine, Pasadena 

September 23, 2023

Nomad Tango Presents: Earth & Fire Walking - A Tango Love Story

With Tomas Galvan and Gimena Herrera. Guest artist: Camila Lima 

Saturday Sep 16 |7pm

Sunday Sep 17 |3pm


Sponsored by Nomad Tango, a 501(3)(c) nonprofit. 

Movie Night and Santa Barbara Tango Exchange

Monday Sep 4, Labor Day, starting at 6pm


Sponsored by Nomad Tango, a 501(3)(c) nonprofit. 

La LoCA Milonga  with Ruy Folguera and Camila Lima - Thursday August 17 at Buena Onda + Empanadas

Dancing by Gerladine Freitag and Claudio Otero

Monday Practica: workshop with Hugo Satorre on 

La LoCA Milonga July 8th -  Hugo Satorre, Winnie Cheung and the World Premier of LA Tipica, a whole new tango orquesta. At Buena Onda & Empanadas

State Street Ballet includes in their program: Balada Para Un Loco -  with Valentin Juarez. July 7 - at the Center Stage Theatre 

Daniel Juarez & Alejandra Armenti. July 3rd and 6th. -  Workshop on Posture, Embrace, Connection and Walking

Daniel Juarez & Alejandra Armenti. May 28. -  Workshop on Possibilities after Sanguchito followed by Demo and Practica 

It takes two to tango. Findings from the Astor Piazzolla collection. May 23. -  online interview with Pablo Aslan and David Seubert. Moderated by Alejandra Folguera.

The Filipeli twins - May 2023

Workshop and practica

Fernanda Ghi - Back in Santa Barbara - March 31 - April 3, 2023

Three Milongas

Five Fabulous Workshops

Analia Centurion - December

Workshop tango technique


La LoCA Milonga launches her second season

Alejandra Armentti, Daniel Juarez, and Valentin Juarez - August 

Workshop tango technique and exhibition

Lauren Woods and Martin Almiron - June

Workshop tango technique and exhibition

The Filipeli Twins - March

Workshop tango technique and exhibition

David Orly - Thompson - August

Workshop tango technique and exhibition


La LoCA Milonga launches her first milonga at Buena Onda. 

There were four shows in 2021: